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Doesn't deliver to the address.Always deliver the product at another address of his choosing.Make me wait for 1hour to 1.5 hours.Doesn't talk professionally. Misbehaves.Regular unprofessional conduct.Treats the customer with very inferiority and suppose the customer inferior.Doesn't pick up the phone intentionally when the scheduled delivery time.Declines the delivery whenever he wants to and whenever he chooses to, without attempting the delivery.

Been dealing with him for so many times but enough is enough.I want to file a complain and make him realise of his wrongdoings and unprofessional behaviour which needs correction as soon as possible.Been avoiding this kind of behaviour for so long But this time I am willing to go to whatever extent I have to go to make him feel remorseful.If not sorter then I will lodge a complain in consumer court under consumer protection act 1986.

Preferred solution: Want the delivery person apologize and make the delivery at my choosing..

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