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My order from Flipkart received at nearest hub afeemkothi_knu at 16oct 2021 but not given me as delivery agent told me that he cannot deliver this on 16 Oct and 18 Oct 1 delivery agent came but not handed over me the order by saying that he doesn't have a authority to give exchangeable product to me only prasco will provide me but from that day onwards no delivery agent came neither they call me nor any information only Flipkart is registering complaints but doing nothing blaming ekart logistics and this is a problem with you and your delivery agent who at Prasco position but don't want to come to deliver my product. I have been waiting from 10 days and I want this product badly.

Ekart made so mad and frustrated.

Provide me resolution and give me my delivery don't blabber that you will do something.

Hand over me my product. Why can't you provide me my delivery if it at nearest hub.

Give me address I will come and take that from myself if you don't have any manpower.

Ridiculous and pathetic management and pathetic senior delivery agent who is called as so called prasco.

User's recommendation: I will never recommend to anyone.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Ekart Logistics Pros: Waste.

Ekart Logistics Cons: Delay in delivery poor service.

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