Invoice Number # FAB1JM220009****

Order ID : OD123005****9633****

Ekart logistics Delivery ID : FMPP090959****

Product : USHA FP 3810 **** W FOOD PROCESSOR

Booked on :03/10/2021 Time : 12:31AM

I ordered the product on 3rd October,my delivery date provided is 4th October,I got a text message stating a contact number and a pin,when I called the desired number the delivery person continuously rejecting my call am trying from 11am till 7:30pm,I called on 5th October he attended and told he was on leave yesterday,so I asked him how many orders are there ,he told 2 one small box and another one medium box ,hence they don't have Authorization to open ,but he confirmed it was like a mixer grinder ,so I confirmed it was a food processor,I don't no how he confirms without opening the box ( I have the call recording) ,bcoz nothing will be mentioned over a packed box ,and asked for delivery, he replied within 1 hour I'll deliver the product,after an hour I called he disconnected the call,as he done earlier,I spoked with 15 customer agents they provide wrong information,and with 3 escalation higher agents they gave a time line on 6th then to 11th then to 14th,Today morning 2 person from ekart logistics visited home and saying sir mistake is from our end the new boy stoled the product ,he is asking me is that speaker,and they have the delivery I'd with them,if they check with that I'd they will know it,I asked their I'd to confirm are they from ekart ,they just wear only the tag ,I asked for I d he told it's in van ,ok informed to bring that ,he replied I forgot at home(video recording available) , completely irresponsible flipkart,still didn't got resolution about the product,sent many mails to flipkart support,flipkart grievance officer mail,no response at all,I want the same product by flipkart with complete warranty,this week completely made me mad ,can't focus on any work , running behind this issue.kindly do needful

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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